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We are all those who were born and raised in these lands.

We are the ones that one day 12 years ago decided to move away from it but then, along the way, found that the return to the roots would be the only thing that would have really made a difference to their lives.

We are the ones who like to have the Monviso as the North Star.

We are the ones who "don't need anything more to be happy" if you live essential, in nature.

In short, we are.

"Every life has the ineffable pride of a beautiful tree. The past is the root from which always draw sap, the present are the branches and leaves eager to grow more and more, the future its holding in branches and leaves in the sun because they are able to strive to grow lush and everlasting. A tree that, if he can stand up aware of his nobility in the soothing silence of nature without trying to control or violate it, will secure eternity to itself."

(Cristiano Comelli)

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